Flooring Seller Accepts Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Carpet Tile is a flooring distributor for the FreePattern® carpet tile collection. As stated on their website, the term “blockchain” is used as a metaphor where each carpet tile is like a block and the design on each square creates the chain that connects them all. Wait until you see how this intriguing design concept works.

In addition to standard fiat-based credit card payments, the online distributor accepts cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Carpet Tile is leading the way in global flooring sales via crypto by accepting Bitcoin, Cardano, Ether, Stellar, Tron and XRP. Customers can request to use others such as Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Ethereum Classic to name a few.

There are three different styles to choose from: Clockwork, Cocoon and Etruscan. No matter how the tiles are rotated during installation, a contiguous design emerges that has an organic look or repetitive pattern. The website includes animations showing various patterns that can be created. Customers can also create a non-repetitive layout by randomly rotating the carpet tiles during assembly.

Each square tile is produced with a tacky back that prevents the tiles from sliding around while allowing them to be picked up after installation. Customers can rotate the carpet tiles at will so the flooring design can be changed in the future. This glue-less installation system is simple and eliminates having to deal with messy adhesives and chemicals, which is in line with the environmental stewardship that the manufacturer boasts. These carpet tiles allow flexibility of design while not being harmful to the environment.

Each carpet tile is one square meter, which is equivalent to about 39” x 39”. At $49.95 USD per tile, the price per square foot is $4.64. The website includes a price comparison with competitive designer carpet tiles. Free shipping in the USA makes it hard to find a better deal for a stylish floor covering. International shipments require an addition freight cost. They are a do-it-yourself product so specialized labor is not required. Carpet tiles can be cut using a standard box cutter, as demonstrated on the website.

Blockchain Carpet Tiles are commercially rated and have a sleek, low-profile appeal. They are great for commercial applications such as offices, retail stores, child care facilities, hotels and more. They are also great for residential applications such as basements, playrooms, home theaters and garage conversions.

Check out www.blockchaincarpettile.com to discover a floor covering that is out of this world.