Custom home for family with particular needs

In 2005 or so, while offering some land for sale that I owned in the Tustin foothills of Orange County, I engaged with a young man with growing family who also wanted to provide a space for his mother. Typically we call such spaces granny flats, but now that California has enacted legislation that encourages such use of land, they are officially referred to as Accessory Dwelling Units.

The particular need for this family that set it apart from most was their desire to have a prayer room to accommodate their religious customs. The prayer room was required to be aligned directly with the cardinal axes of north, south, east and west. This helped to determine some of the form of the residence, as the feature would be recognizable in being offset angularly from the rest of the home, due to the orientation of the street.

Furthermore, the family was drawn to the more traditional mediterranean style of architecture. So that such vernacular would be incorporated into the final design scheme. The below images are what was presented to them. They went ahead and purchased the property soon after.