Arcidosso, Italy juxtaposition of old and new

Reaching back into the past, when I did my senior thesis project partly in Southern Tuscany while attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I opted to create a project on a site that had the old center and medieval tower as its backdrop.

The site was surrounded by a grade school and a high school, so to follow the academic theme, I opted to choose a municipal university as the development program. This way, all age levels of students would be present in the same localized area.

An axis is created by connecting two focal points and drawing a line between them. One focus is the academic area of the university where all the classes are. The other focus point is the social area where the coffee shop and greenhouse for local produce are situated. The axial line that connects them is directly aligned with the ancient tower of the old town, so when walks from the academic area to the social area, they walk slightly uphill and directly toward the tower in the distance.


This image is the social area, which is called Coil Truss Court. The academic area is out of view to the right. The part that is in view at the right edge of the image is the parking structure.


This is a view walking towards the social area, with the old tower of the historic city center straight ahead. The opening in the structure to the right is the coffee shop, and the green enclosed structure on the left is the greenhouse to grow local vegetables.