Complications with Newland Sierra Project, North County

Developers spend remarkable amounts of time and effort organizing new projects, only to be stumped by preservationists. Indeed, we MUST preserve our beautiful land and restrict the destruction of natural earth. At the same time, there is a housing crisis in Southern California. So how can we solve this dilemma? That’s complicated and will be an issue for years.

The Newland Sierra Project in North San Diego County will serve as a marker along the path, and perhaps help serve as precedent going forward. What the results will be, only time will tell. Here are some key excerpts from the article:

“Lawyers for two parties seeking to halt the county’s approval of a North County housing project say they will ask a Superior Court judge on Monday to hold the county in contempt of a court order issued earlier this week unless they postpone the vote.”

“The Sierra Club and the Golden Door spa sued the county to prevent the Board of Supervisors from granting a General Plan Amendment to the Newland Sierra development, contending the project violates the Climate Action Plan (CAP).”

“Newland Communities, the developer of the proposed 2,135 home master-planned project that would be built just west of Interstate 15 and North of Deer Springs Road north of Escondido, maintains the stay and injunction ordered by Taylor does not apply to their request.”

“Groups opposed to other controversial North County projects such as Lilac Hills Ranch in Valley Center and Warner Ranch in Pala have also sent letters to the county, asking it to honor the injunction and postpone those hearings now scheduled tentatively to be heard in December.”