Flooring Seller Accepts Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Carpet Tile is a flooring distributor for the FreePattern® carpet tile collection. As stated on their website, the term “blockchain” is used as a metaphor where each carpet tile is like a block and the design on each square creates the chain that connects them all. Wait until you see how this intriguing design concept works.

In addition to standard fiat-based credit card payments, the online distributor accepts cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Carpet Tile is leading the way in global flooring sales via crypto by accepting Bitcoin, Cardano, Ether, Stellar, Tron and XRP. Customers can request to use others such as Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Ethereum Classic to name a few.

There are three different styles to choose from: Clockwork, Cocoon and Etruscan. No matter how the tiles are rotated during installation, a contiguous design emerges that has an organic look or repetitive pattern. The website includes animations showing various patterns that can be created. Customers can also create a non-repetitive layout by randomly rotating the carpet tiles during assembly.

Each square tile is produced with a tacky back that prevents the tiles from sliding around while allowing them to be picked up after installation. Customers can rotate the carpet tiles at will so the flooring design can be changed in the future. This glue-less installation system is simple and eliminates having to deal with messy adhesives and chemicals, which is in line with the environmental stewardship that the manufacturer boasts. These carpet tiles allow flexibility of design while not being harmful to the environment.

Each carpet tile is one square meter, which is equivalent to about 39” x 39”. At $49.95 USD per tile, the price per square foot is $4.64. The website includes a price comparison with competitive designer carpet tiles. Free shipping in the USA makes it hard to find a better deal for a stylish floor covering. International shipments require an addition freight cost. They are a do-it-yourself product so specialized labor is not required. Carpet tiles can be cut using a standard box cutter, as demonstrated on the website.

Blockchain Carpet Tiles are commercially rated and have a sleek, low-profile appeal. They are great for commercial applications such as offices, retail stores, child care facilities, hotels and more. They are also great for residential applications such as basements, playrooms, home theaters and garage conversions.

Check out www.blockchaincarpettile.com to discover a floor covering that is out of this world.

Circula Panorama lot 1

This images present a proposal for a spec home development that was part of three contiguous parcels in the Tustin foothills in Orange County, CA. The hillside lot results in a cascading structure, in which there is a level below the entry that is not visible from the street. There is an expansive view of the city towards the west.

Edward Borlenghi
Custom home for family with particular needs

In 2005 or so, while offering some land for sale that I owned in the Tustin foothills of Orange County, I engaged with a young man with growing family who also wanted to provide a space for his mother. Typically we call such spaces granny flats, but now that California has enacted legislation that encourages such use of land, they are officially referred to as Accessory Dwelling Units.

The particular need for this family that set it apart from most was their desire to have a prayer room to accommodate their religious customs. The prayer room was required to be aligned directly with the cardinal axes of north, south, east and west. This helped to determine some of the form of the residence, as the feature would be recognizable in being offset angularly from the rest of the home, due to the orientation of the street.

Furthermore, the family was drawn to the more traditional mediterranean style of architecture. So that such vernacular would be incorporated into the final design scheme. The below images are what was presented to them. They went ahead and purchased the property soon after.

Buccaneer townhomes proposal

Across the street from the beach and across a stream from a nice park, there rests an unused plot of land that is owned by and adjacent to the city of Oceanside’s water treatment facility. Partitioning off the land does not seem to have the effect of altering normal operations, as it is unused open space. Therefore, this proposal is one in which the land is recognized as having a higher and better use than currently. The program is that of a series of triplexes, each of which includes a studio/one-bedroom unit, a two-bedroom unit, and a three-bedroom unit. The studio is an ADA unit, but if it is not used by a handicapped individual then it can be used as a one-bedroom unit because there is a small loft space above.

Brown residence facelift alternatives

This is a revisitation of a quick project some years ago. The clients wanted to improve the extremely mundane appearance of their 1950’s southern California home. They were not sure what look would be best for them, but they knew that they would know what’s right when they saw it. Therefore, I provided them with two vastly different design approaches. Having alternatives is always the best starting point, because if one does not see what they like immediately, they may more clearly know that which they do not like. Below are the two starting points that were provided to them, and they found that they gravitated more towards the traditional look. These styles were offered to them based on two factors: Descriptive preferences they expressed and the styles of architecture found in the neighborhood.

Arcidosso, Italy juxtaposition of old and new

Reaching back into the past, when I did my senior thesis project partly in Southern Tuscany while attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I opted to create a project on a site that had the old center and medieval tower as its backdrop.

The site was surrounded by a grade school and a high school, so to follow the academic theme, I opted to choose a municipal university as the development program. This way, all age levels of students would be present in the same localized area.

An axis is created by connecting two focal points and drawing a line between them. One focus is the academic area of the university where all the classes are. The other focus point is the social area where the coffee shop and greenhouse for local produce are situated. The axial line that connects them is directly aligned with the ancient tower of the old town, so when walks from the academic area to the social area, they walk slightly uphill and directly toward the tower in the distance.


This image is the social area, which is called Coil Truss Court. The academic area is out of view to the right. The part that is in view at the right edge of the image is the parking structure.


This is a view walking towards the social area, with the old tower of the historic city center straight ahead. The opening in the structure to the right is the coffee shop, and the green enclosed structure on the left is the greenhouse to grow local vegetables.

Sundancer Lane exterior makeover

This single family residence in Huntington Beach’s Harbor community had never been updated. This was my residence from approximately 2005 to 2007. Although it was in a great neighborhood, a block from a park with playground, and vested with a boat slip just a short walk away, what it lacked was a bathroom for each bedroom and a small office and bonus room.


The design scheme above shows how the upper bedroom at the far right has extended further over the garage to accommodate a new bathroom adjacent to the old bathroom, which therefore became a designated bathroom for another secondary bedroom upstairs. The feature above the entry with the corner window is a small home office space, and the clerestory windows shown above the flower lattice is where the new bonus room is.

Ocean Crest Rd major addition and remodel

The ranch house above was built in the 1050’s in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. It was 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, situated at the apex of a slight uphill slope on the block. A couple other homes on the block were two-stories. This photo was taken right after the demolition process began.


Having personally designed the project, I had selected this home after careful analysis that after a second story was added with a rooftop deck above it all there would be an ocean view. The home became 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a large bonus room on the second floor. An exterior door from the bonus room leads to a set of stairs that arrive at the expansive roof deck.


The completed home maintains a few of the original craftsman features while incorporating contemporary elements that give a sense of era to the finished product. A 7 foot cantilevering platform provides cover during rain and communicates entry.


The roof deck occupies nearly all of the second story roof area, above, and features a gas line for a BBQ, a built-in concrete countertop with sink, and several different areas for a variety of activities. At one time there was a seating area with fire pit, a foosball table space, and a jacuzzi tub.

Edward Borlenghi
Architectural design services

ownhome.co offers architectural design and planning services for ground-up construction of 1-4 unit buildings. This service is generally reserved for real estate developers. Smaller projects, such as interior remodels and room additions can be wrapped into your new home purchase, if you find a house in the right neighborhood but it falls short of being the right home.

Architectural Design for 2nd Floor Addition

Early design phase for architecture clients. This is one of the unselected proposals.

In some cases, architectural design related clients do not require a real estate transaction. That is, these owners happen to already own the property. The contrary is the case in which a property buyer wants to make changes to the existing conditions.

Edward Albert Borlenghi (Ted), 01930536; Pacific | Sotheby’s International Realty, 01767484

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Open House with On-The-Fly Sketchup Model - Clover Ct

Today's open house is at 6713 Clover Ct in Carlsbad, CA. There are excellent ocean views from both levels, where the living/dining/kitchen enjoy it through a very large sliding glass door, and the master bedroom enjoys it through a window. The current owners only needed one bathroom upstairs, so they combined the existing two bathrooms into one spacious one. This video provides several alternative methods whereby a new owner can convert the bathroom back into two, so that each bedroom can have its own bath. The listing agent is Ramon Maldonado, lic# 01920346.

NOTE: I am not an investment advisor; these are just my comments and opinions. Always do your own research before making investment decisions.

Edward Albert Borlenghi (Ted), 01930536; Pacific | Sotheby’s International Realty, 01767484

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Open House with on-the-fly 2nd story addition design

VIDEO: During today's open house, I modeled the rough exterior existing conditions and generated a couple design schemes for a second story addition. In its present state, the home is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and was built in 1978. The lot is almost an acre, there is a pool, and room to build a detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). There are wonderful southern views from two of the bedrooms, the living room and dining room. The location is the Olivenhain region of Encinitas, California. Listing Agent: Patti Gerke Lic 01386269.

Edward Albert Borlenghi (Ted), 01930536; Pacific | Sotheby’s International Realty, 01767484

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A Floating Loft in Amsterdam
Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 10.09.33 AM.png

From the Sotheby’s International Realty blog

For land-scarce metropoli like New York, architectural innovations tend to scale vertically: without a place to spread outwards, development takes to the skies. Meanwhile, in Amsterdam, innovation can be found at sea. A district of water homes located on a string of artificial islands adjacent to the city’s historic canals feels distinctly Dutch: dubbed the WaterWonen project (translates literally to living in water), modern houseboats are moored at a harbor conceived by Danish architecture firm Monteflore (responsible for designing one of the city’s most luxurious hotels). The independently-sailing vessels include homes—like this spacious steel converted cargo ship—that invite guests to come down out of the clouds and enjoy the delights of open water.

Originally built in 1962, this Kempenaar ship has been completely transformed into 250 square meters of floating loft space. The entrance, located in the ship’s original wheelhouse, opens up into a spacious study that feels equal parts boutique hotel lobby, luxury spa, and remote cabin in the woods. If it weren’t for views of Steigereiland across the water, you’d never know you weren’t on land. Though this buoyant pied-à-terre certainly feels more house than boat, don’t let its luxe interiors fool you; it operates with a fully-functioning Iveco motor.

The handsome and spacious living room features a custom wood burner, flanked by low-profile mid-century modern furniture and complemented by in-floor heating—the very epitome of hygge. At the back of the ship, the former cabin holds the master bedroom and ensuite. With furniture made from Azobe wood salvaged from the ship’s cargo hold, the cabin is a calming place to rest after a day spent exploring all that Amsterdam has on offer.

When it comes to attracting visitors, this home is sure to be in demand. Two guest bedrooms designed with dark walls and natural wood details feel like a minimalist spa retreat, with porthole windows deepening the sense of place. With an open-concept kitchen, induction cooker, dishwasher, and two refrigerators, entertaining is effortless. And an enormous table made from reclaimed wood is the perfect place for dinner parties, where the conversation and jenever (traditional liquor of the Netherlands) is sure to flow.

Docked in the marina-like setting of Cas Oorthuyskade and part of a development of 34 independent water homes located on the IJburg’s artificial islands, the boat is easily reachable by car, and is just a short 12-minute tram ride away from the breweries, restaurants, and coffee shops of central Amsterdam. Those looking for a leisurely day trip can take a 10-minute sail to Pampus, a manmade island and fortress originally built between 1887 and 1897 to defend Amsterdam in case of war. Or inspect other notable architectural feats at the World Architecture Festival, taking place in the city from November 28–30, 2018.

Houseboats provide unique rewards for those who choose to call them home: a rewarding sense of connection to nature, a romantic escape from the crowds, and the chance to captain your own ship. Few other forms of housing come close to capturing their sense of freedom and adventure.

For more images, hit the link at the top of this post.

Edward Borlenghihouse, boat, amsterdam
Open House with on-the-fly Kitchen Redesign

This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Carlsbad was built in 1986. It has approximately 1700 square feet, a view of the mountains in the distance, and has a quiet and peaceful backyard. While doing the open house, I decided to remodel the kitchen. This video includes high-speed modeling on sketchup to recreate the existing conditions and generate 3 new design schemes. Listing Agent: Vincent Morris, Pacific Sotheby's International Realty.

Edward (Ted) Borlenghi, 01930536; Pacific | Sotheby’s International Realty, 01767484

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The coming Blockchain revolution in Realty

“The real estate industry is massive and slow-moving, especially with regard to technology,” said Edward (Ted) Borlenghi, realtor and architectural designer at Pacific Sotheby's International Realty in the Greater San Diego area. “From my standpoint, ShelterZoom is the right company with the right platform at the right time. They have addressed the major pain points suffered by real estate professionals and consumers alike – security, transparency and efficiency among them – in a truly innovative way.”

From Business Wire: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181015005615/en/Blockchain-Real-Estate-Pioneer-ShelterZoom-Adds-90