Turning renters,
into homeowners.

Choose the home of your dreams, and move in straight away.


How it works

OwnHome is a complete path to home ownership. We turn you into a homeowner, so you can start building wealth. Simple, yet powerful.

Step 1 - Qualify for OwnHome

Fill out your application online to find out your buying power.

Step 2 - Chose your home

You choose your dream home. We purchase it on your behalf and hand you the keys.

Step 3 - Move in!

Act like a homeowner (no more asking if you can hang that picture!) and pay a simple monthly payment.

Step 4 - Buy when you're ready

Buy from us anytime after 2 years at the pre-agreed price, it's up to you!

This is great - what are the details?

Earn equity every single month

You earn 2.5% in your home per year. This means after 5 years you've built up 12.5% ownership in your home - enough to switch to a bank mortgage and convert title to your name.

3.75% pre-agreed appreciation

We agree the purchase price (3.75%p.a. growth) so that you know exactly how much you need. We give you certainty in an uncertain world. Plus, you keep all the upside over the time you've been living in the home.

How much are the monthly payments?

This depends on the value of the home. For a $1,000,000 property you pay $5,995 which covers the cost of debt on the property and earns you $2,415 in equity in your home every single month.

You're in great company.

Hear from renters waiting to become homeowners, with OwnHome

Becoming a doctor means many years in Medical school, so my wife and I haven't been able to save a deposit. OwnHome means I can use my current earning capacity to move into my dream home, today!
Carolyn and Sasha — Recent M.D. graduates
I'm sick of the renting cycle and throwing away my hard-earned cash! OwnHome means I can move into an awesome 2 bedder and still have funds to do some renovations on the kitchen and office (critical for the new WFH life!)
Thomas - Lawyer in Sydney


Is OwnHome a mortgage?

No. We are a new option for those who can't afford the huge deposits required to avoid punitive mortgage rates and fees. The world has changed, so should home ownership.

So who owns the home?

You act and feel like a homeowner. OwnHome has title to the home until you purchase it from us anytime after 2 years. When you're ready you simply buy from us at a pre-agreed rate so that you know exactly how much you need.

Why not just rent and save myself?

It is actually cheaper to use OwnHome than to rent and save yourself. We are happy to walk you through how. Also, saving is hard! This is the biggest financial decision most make in their lives. Why leave it to chance?

Want to move on? We’ll miss you, but we wish you well

After 2 years trying out your home-sweet-home, you can choose to leave - no questions asked. Just like moving out of an apartment at the end of a lease. Maybe, you’ll even move to another OwnHome.

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